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Singaporean needs life insurance

Selecting the correct insurance cover can be a complicated process, with a vast range of insurers and policy options, it is difficult to know who to trust. We can make sure that the best life insurance in Singapore cover is selected for your individual circumstances and needs by referring you to a qualified professional.

Insurance in Singapore

Insurance is something that many have for their homes, pets andevent take up for holidays, however life cover with critical illness and income protection cover are often over looked.

With 1 in 3 people in the Singapore being diagnosed with cancer many lose their jobs and some their homes, with the right cover in place this can be prevented.

Types of Insurance

The main types of protection insurance are

These insurances can have different options included and the depth of cover can vary depending on the insurance provider.

Selecting the Right Cover

Selecting the right cover is not easy, that’s way it pays to speak to a trained professional who can guide you through picking the right cover for your individual circumstances, whether it is to protect you or your family.

With all these insurance comparison sites why shouldn’t I pick my own insurance. If you pick the insurance yourself this is know as an execution only contract. You have effectively advised yourself on the best cover.

If you then became ill or worse still died, and for some reason the policy would not pay out who can you or your family claim against?….. The adviser, of course…….. but as you are the adviser, you will be claiming against yourself!

Using a professional to get advice means that you are protected by their indemnity insurance, so if the situation should arise where a claim is made and the insurance company does not pay out, you are then able to claim against the adviser.

Our Service

We have carefully selected brokers to ensure that they have a fair analysis panel. This is similar to whole of market for mortgages, it means that they have access to over 6 cover providers so their decision on selecting a provider is not bias towards on company.